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Bitcoin Era Review: Is it Legit?

Bitcoin Era Review: Is it Legit?
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Bitcoin Era is a trading robot that is said to have a win-rate of 92%. As a result, the robot reports daily profits of up to $1500 from a deposit of $500 or less. With the many scam robots out there, most people are not sure whether Bitcoin Era is legit. We have received almost 50 emails requesting us to do a review of this robot.

Our investigation confirms that Bitcoin Era is a legit robot. We have arrived at this conclusion after reviewing a lot of data and also carrying out a live test. In the live test, we deposited $250 and ran the robot for eight straight hours.

Surprisingly, we were able to make $24 in profits in the first 3 minutes of live trading. We made a profit of $143 by the end of the eight hours trading session. Some reviewers report making up to $1k per day from the same deposit. We cannot ascertain if this is true since we have not been able to make such profits.

Let’s take a deep dive on Bitcoin Era and explore the opportunities and risks it presents. You can go straight to this robot website by clicking the link below. However, we would recommend that you read this review first before creating an account.

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What exactly is Bitcoin Era?

Bitcoin Era is a piece of software that is customized to read crypto markets data and make trading decisions automatically. The Bitcoin Era algorithm depends on proven crypto trading strategies. These strategies are coded into a robot that carries out all the functions of a trader with minimal human intervention.

You do not need any expertise to use Bitcoin Era. Once you register and make a deposit, you can sit back and watch as the robot works for you. With a win rate of 92%, Bitcoin Era makes money in every nine out of ten trades. This means that there is a high probability of making consistent profits.

However, there is a significant risk in losing your capital with this robot, especially if you risk more than 10 percent of your capital per trade. Like in any other form of trading, it is prudent that you trade with an amount you can afford to lose. CryptoVibes recommends starting with $250 and growing your account by plowing back profits.

Another thing worth noting about Bitcoin Era is that it does not require a license fee. However, like most other robots, traders must part with a small commission on the profits they generate through the robot. We find the Bitcoin Era revenue model to be excellent since they cannot make money until the trader does. There are rumors that this robot will introduce a license fee soon due to its high demand. We suggest that you take advantage of this robot and create a free account now.

How does Bitcoin Era work?

As mentioned above, Bitcoin Era is a computer algorithm based on the trading strategies of the world best crypto trader. The robot can read market big data and derive insights within microseconds. This explains why it is more than ten times accurate than the best human trader.

Also, trading robots remove human emotions from trading. The emotions of fear and greed are the most destructive in trading. During manual trading, traders are often tempted to go against their strategy when things are good or not so good.

For instance, when a strategy appears to be working well, a trader is likely to get greedy and risk more than their trading strategy dictates. Likewise, they are likely to get fearful when the strategy appears not to be working well and abandon it. Trading robots allow traders to stick to proven strategies and hence avoid the bad decisions that result from emotional trading.

Bitcoin Era trades on margins with its partner brokers offering a leverage of up to 1:1000. High leverage means that you can place a bigger trade with a fraction of your capital. For instance, a leverage of 1:1000 allows the trader with a deposit of $250 to place trades worth $250k. High leverage means high profitability but can also lead to huge losses.

Is Bitcoin Era legit? CryptoVibes findings

Bitcoin Era appears to be legit and worth a try. As mentioned at the beginning of this review, we have carried out tests and revealed that it is trustworthy and profitable.

Our investigation includes a live test, an analysis of users’ feedback and verification of information provided by the robot.

Bitcoin Era is, without doubt, profitable and has a good reputation among users. Moreover, we find its customer services to be excellent. We have also determined that its platforms are easy to use and secure. As mentioned earlier, anyone including a complete beginner can make money through this platform.

  • Bitcoin Era has shown consistency in profitability with most people who try it reporting a daily profit of at least $100.
  • We have done a background check and confirmed that the information on Bitcoin Trader website is 100 percent accurate. The presented testimonials are real, and the stated earning potential appears to be achievable.
  • This robot has excellent reviews on independent consumer review sites, including TrustPilot. Most reviewers say that the platform is profitable and easy to use.
  • We find Bitcoin Era platforms to be secure. Moreover, its web-trader is highly responsive and intuitive. Live trading involves specifying the amount of capital you are willing to risk per trade and clicking the live button.

Bitcoin Era tops the list of the few legit crypto markets you can find today. This review compares it with Bitcoin Future, another top trading robot, and finds it to have the same level of profitability. You can read our Bitcoin Future review to learn more about how the two compare.

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Getting started with Bitcoin Era

You need to have an account with Bitcoin Era and deposit a minimum of $250 to start trading with this robot. As we will see below, the account opening process is a piece of cake. The process takes less than a minute.

Consequently, you can start making money in the next 20 minutes if you decide to register now. Bitcoin Era is only available in a few countries. Scroll down to the bottom of this page for other legit robots if this robot is not available in your country.

STEP ONE: Create an account

Open the Bitcoin Era homepage and register your details in the form displayed on the right upper corner of the page. You will be asked to fill your name, phone number, and email. As usual, you must verify whether the number and email you provide is yours.

You also need to create a password during this step. Bitcoin Era takes this process very seriously given that passwords are the number one entry point for attackers. As a result, a good platform should ensure that users are safe by providing strong password creation methods.

STEP TWO: Connect with a broker

After registration, Bitcoin Era automatically links you to a regulated broker in your area. The role of the broker is to receive deposits and facilitate transactions. Bitcoin Era is not allowed by law to collect deposits and must, therefore, transact through a partner broker.

This review confirms that Bitcoin Era only partners with the best brokers. These brokers have adequate regulation and good reputation. If you are using this robot from the UK, your underlying broker is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Likewise, traders in Australia fall under the regulation of the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC). Those in South Africa fall under the regulation of the Financial Service Board (FSB). The FCA, ASIC, CySEC, and FSB are the world-leading regulators.

STEP THREE: Deposit a minimum of $250

Bitcoin Era requires users to deposit a minimum capital of $250 to start using it. This amount is the trading capital and should not be confused with the robot fees. Bitcoin Era is a free robot. The robot revenue model involves charging a small commission on earnings generated through it.

CryptoVibes live test finds the deposit process with Bitcoin Era to be straightforward and safe. Visit the deposit page and register your billing details as required. Remember that any data you submit through the registration form is transmitted to the partner broker.

As mentioned above, these brokers are regulated and reputable. We can guarantee that your billing information is safe with them.

STEP FOUR: Risk management setup and live trading

The setup involves specifying the amount of capital you wish to risk per trade. We suggest that you select 10% or less. Remember that the more you risk per trade, the higher the chances of making significant losses. Bitcoin Era trades on margin, and hence there is a possibility of your account going into the negative.

After specifying your risk appetite, you can now start trading by clicking the live button. CryptoVibes suggests that you let the bot to run for at least 8 hours per day. The US market is the best to trade since it accounts for at least 90% of the volatility.

Switch off the robot at the end of each trading session to avoid unexpected market movements. Also, withdraw your profits if you do not intend to reinvest them. Bitcoin Era does provide a comprehensive guide to help new traders get acquainted with its platform.

Is Bitcoin Era legit? Our Verdict!

Bitcoin Era is legit, and we find it to be highly profitable. Moreover, it is easy to use for all types of traders. No particular skill is required to operate this robot successfully. Our test reveals that Bitcoin Era can generate up to $1k per day from a deposit of $500 or less. We also find it to be transparent and secure. CryptoVibes can confirm that your personal information, including your billing data, is safe with this robot.

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Is Bitcoin Era worth a try?

Yes! This robot is not only legit but also highly profitable. We highly recommend it to anyone looking to make money online.

How much does Bitcoin Era cost?

Bitcoin Era is a free robot. Its revenue model requires traders to pay a small commission on any profits they make through the robot.

How much can I earn with Bitcoin Era?

This robot report can generate up to $1k per day from a deposit of $500 or less. The high profitability is as a result of the cutting edge technologies behind its algorithms.

How much capital should I deposit with Bitcoin Era?

CryptoVibes suggests that you begin with the minimum deposit of $250.

Can I withdraw my profits from Bitcoin Era?

Yes! There are no restrictions to withdrawing your profits from this robot. It takes less than twenty-four hours for withdrawals to reflect in your bank account.