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Top 9 Beginner Tools to Keep an Eye on Cryptocurrencies

May 24, 2018
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The more cryptocurrencies are known world wide, the more new people desires to enter the markets.

At first glimpse many things might look complicated to start with, but there is many useful tools, apps or websites to follow daily performance of cryptocurrencies without missing any action. We strongly believe it will surely will help you to get onboard with cryptocurrencies.

Here is a few main tools you will need to keep up with cryptocurrencies every day:

1. Coinsrates.live

This Cryptobible gives ability to follow live price and performance of every official cryptocurrency in the world. Also you can see their ranks, marketcaps, performance with graphs in the past and in last 24hours. Furthermore you can even check top gainers and top losers and much more. Face it – this website should be your morning coffee, lunch break and supper.

2. Coinspectator.com

Never heard of CoinSpectator? The website is no stranger to the crypto industry, launching back in 2013 as a blog it has since evolved into a real-time  crypto news aggregator due to the hungry demand for everything crypto and is one of the most popular tools among traders, investors and enthusiast.

The site monitors thousands of global sources 24/7 providing a real-time stream of fresh crypto, blockchain, ICO and industry news. Whether your a trader, crypto enthusiasts or investor the site is perfect for monitoring sentiment and quickly acting on market moving news.

The tool allows users to take full control of the stream by setting filters for streaming blogs, news publications, ICO’s, discussion forums, social media or videos.

Users can interact with the news by marking items as bullish, bearish, shilling or fud with the added option of up or down voting.

3. Blockfolio – Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Management App 

Smartphone App. As every trader wants to know exact gains or losses in their cryptocurrency investments in realtime – this is the app to have. All your coins in various exchanges and trading pairs in one place.

After downloading an app just add a coin you bought, choose exchange where you bought, pick a trading pair (Example: BTC/ETH, ETH/USD, ETH/DGTX or so) then put quantity of coins you bought and for what price. That’s it. From now on you can check all your portfolio value and performance in 1 second. It’s even faster that Chuck Norris takes time to go to moon and back (2 seconds).


Remember – proceed with caution. Checking of your portfolio every few minutes get’s very addictive. My wife hates me.

4. Telegram Mobile App 

Another great smartphone app that allows you to get in touch with wide range of communities or even developers of coin/ico/exchange you are keeping an eye on. All You have to do download the app from GOOGLE PLAY or APP STORE and join chat rooms from official provided links in social media or websites.

This is fast and convenient way to follow latest updates on your invested coin/ico announcements. However all past info gets burried in time, so just face it.

5. Coinmarketcal.com

A calendar of upcomming cryptocurrency related event. Fully explained and delivered in simple but yet informative format. This website is useful tool not only for getting news on latest cryptocurrency event but doing trading also. Be one step further and don’t forget this website when it comes to following all upcoming crypto events in one place.

6. Sentimnt.io

Get the market sentiment of cryptocurrencies from around the web! This is really nice project. Find out the most positive or negative mentioned coins around the market. Website uses unique algorythm and scrapes social media for mentioned coins. Tremendous!

7. r/CryptoCurrency

Reddit page with more than 670 000 + active readers and contributors. Find hot stories and articles from around the world in one place. Find out which are the most engagind, upvote, comment join the community. MASSIVE SOURCE of information regarding cryptocurrencies. Strict page rules helps avoid spam and mlm posts. Highly recommended place to follow.

8. Cryptocontrol.io

Cryptocontrol is currently the world’s #2 crypto news aggregator. They are a trusted and is a strong source for cryptocurrency news and definitely worth to follow. It’s generated news are also reachable in TheCryptoApp & CoinMarketApp. So if you want to be flexible and reach the most important cryptocurrency news from around the web Cryptocontrol.io is the place to be.

9. Niffler.co

This unique project helps to learn cryptocurrency trading without risk for both – newbies and skilled traders, who can even earn money for helping the others.

For Newbies: Niffler.co provides newbies with $100K in play money to undertake simulated trading. This affords newbies risk-free “starting capital” as they begin their crypto trading journey.

Skilled Traders: Those experienced traders who have attained “trader status” by way of “proof of experience” have shown they can navigate the crypto trading ecosystem by successfully growing their portfolio wisely and consistently and are now offered an opportunity to earn money by helping share their skills and advice with interested newbies.

Niffler.co aims to not only help create new crypto enthusiasts but also to help educate them on their way to an overall better understanding of all things blockchain and ultimately the attainment of financial freedom through cryptocurrency trading.

We believe this information will make an impact for getting your way through cryptocurrency more easy and smooth. If you believe this is useful content please support us by subscribing for future releases. 

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